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Kingdom Fishing Lures Sinking Floating Pencil

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Product description

Kingdom Fishing Lures Sinking Floating Pencil 11g 13g 30g 40g Artificial Plastic Hard Bait Long Casting Fishing Tackles For Lure

9507 Fishing Lure Feature:

●Size&Action:130mm 13g Sinking;205mm 40g Sinking;130mm 11g Floating;205mm 30g Floating.

●9507 is an extremely versatile pencil-bait that imitates one of the most common preys: the needlefish.

●With its various recovery actions it lends itself to being used both in very fast recovery conditions and active fish, and in conditions of slower recovery with more apathetic fish.

●Its extremely aerodynamic shape and its allow very long casts.

●Stainless steel through-armature.


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