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Dachshund Van Gogh Starry Night 5D

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��About our store

Our boss returned to his hometown after graduating from college and found that there were only old people and children in the village. Their parents had to leave their children at home and go to the big city to find work because there was no suitable job in their hometown. In order to allow the children in his hometown to be with their parents, he gave up the high-income job in the big city to open the current diamond painting factory in his hometown and sell it on AliExpress, to provide the parents of the children with a copy in his hometown. Work to prevent children from becoming left-behind children.
Now our factory has been established for 6 years, providing 52 jobs for our hometown. We will continue to make good products and provide good services, so that children in our hometown can have a better life, and hope to get your support. .
For each order, we will donate 0.02 US dollars to the primary school in our hometown.

��Fast Delivery

We are factory-direct sale, and we will ship your order within 48 hours when we receive your order. We will choose the best shipping method to ship your parcels out and you can get full refund if you don't receive the parcel within 60 days.

��High quality Service

Drop your diamonds? Spoiled your canvas? No worries! We will replace your kits for free! If you are unhappy for any reasons, plz contact the customer service. We will do our best to make you happy.

��Welcome Dropshipping

If you want to sell our products, just contact us, we accept CSV, and have a VIP-SALES to take care of all your orders! You just sell, we are responsible for all your after-sale service!

��What is "AB Diamond"?

【Unique AB Diamond】:Original ordinary diamond cutting surface laser technology, showing shiny color. In the diamond painting, AB diamonds are used to embellish and make the diamond painting more shiny!
【Painting Size】:Sale size is picture size,not canvas size.
【Quality Guarantee】: All diamond painting products are semi-finished products. You need to make your own DIY. We have strict quality control. And free lost diamond protection.
【Embossed Lace】: Visual enjoyment makes the product more high-end.
【AB color quantity】:
20x15cm,30x20cm, 40x30cm, 2-4 AB diamonds
50x40cm,60x45cm, 70x50cm, 4-8 AB diamonds
60x80cm,70x90cm, 6-10 AB diamonds

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