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1PCS Fishing Baits Trolling Swim Minnow Wobbler

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Product description

Product Description:
1. There are steel balls that transfer the center of gravity in the body, which can move to the tail when throwing to increase the throwing distance. The air posture is stable and smooth, and it is not easy to spin, which is conducive to throwing.
2. It can reflect external light at all angles, and has the effect of attracting fish, suitable for different water conditions.
3. There are several small steel balls in the body, which will make a sound when dragging, which strongly attracts the attention of the fish.
4. Made of ABS plastic material, it is sturdy and strong, resistant to falling and knocking. The steel balls used inside have been tested by precision instruments to ensure the swimming posture of each bait.

Product Specifications:
Color Specifications:Mult Color
Material: ABS
Specifications: 13.5cm/19g

Operation method:
1/ For fish with low flexibility or hidden around obstacles, the operating water depth is 30-50cm. At this time, the temptation of small-scale operation is strong. There are two operating methods. One is the bait pulling method: pulling the fishing line hard , make the lure bait float up after diving, and use the action of the lure from the surface to the bottom of the water, as well as the aroused water waves to attract the attention of the fish. The second is the trembling rod: the fishing rod is vibrated irregularly and intermittently to drive the lure to swim in the water.
2/ Bait-drawing method: Compared with the bait-pulling method, the bait-drawing method has a larger range, stronger force, larger moving distance, faster moving speed, and proper control of the strength. Do not give the fish a chance to breathe, and make them bite the bait immediately like a conditioned reflex, which is extremely tempting.
3/ It should be noted that intense baiting can maximize Lure’s swimming style, even if it is hidden in 3-3.5 meters of water with dense aquatic plants or fish at the root of rocks, they will be lured and bitten.

The package includes:
1x Bait

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